PURE's Brand Campaign 

Meet Grant

When we set out to create a new brand campaign last Fall, we wanted to make it all about our members and their experiences. Meet Grant introduces prospects to PURE though the experiences of a PURE member and his family in the wake of his burst pipe claim. The campaign includes a series of TV commercials that highlight the uncompromising standard of care and empathy our PURE Member Advocates® bring to the claim process; the savings afforded by the combination of PURE’s model and the responsibility demonstrated by our members; and the service advantages linked to member-owned insurers.

Look for these commercials on The Golf Channel beginning in early July.

Watch the primary spot where Grant, a PURE member, meets a burst pipe. 
(length 00:45)

This spot highlights PURE’s exceptional service.
(length 00:15)

This spot highlights how the PURE model can help save money.
(length 00:15)