PURE employees and brokers at the 2018 PURE Leadership Forum.

PURE’s ability to deliver an exceptional member experience starts with our people. Our structure, which combines a member-owned insurer and a for-profit management company, fuels an entrepreneurial environment that allows us to attract and retain outstanding individuals. This is pivotal to the important work we do every day for our membership. We focus on fostering a strong work culture that empowers employees and provides them with a sense of purpose and direction in their career. 

Here are a few of the initiatives we launched in 2017 that are vital in attracting and retaining our talented employees:


PURE’s Employee Engagement Committee, a group of over 30 individuals from various office locations and departments, is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing an environment that values and supports our employees. The committee focuses mainly on culture, onboarding and PURE’s social impact, which together help to cultivate and sustain an engaged workforce.


We recently introduced volunteer time off (VTO), which is paid time off designated specifically for volunteering, so our employees have flexibility to participate in meaningful, purposeful and rewarding opportunities. As an organization, we are aiming to log 500 volunteer days within a year. 


When we invest in further educating our team, we are able to deliver more innovative solutions and offer a higher level of service to our membership. We offer our employees many personal and professional advancement programs, including courses aimed at developing young talent, education for first-time managers and leadership seminars. 


PURE partnered with financial technology company CommonBond to add a student-loan assistance program to our benefits package. The program is designed to help employees pay off their student debt or their child’s student debt more quickly.

PURE’s New England Regional Team from left: Lisa LeBlanc, Lindsay Holden, Alison Murphy, Corrin Grieco, Mark Galante, Dan Nieves, Kym Lewis, Mike Valluzzo, Sophia Zalios and Ashley Swinsburg.

PURE’s New England Regional Team from left: Lisa LeBlanc, Lindsay Holden, Alison Murphy, Corrin Grieco, Mark Galante, Dan Nieves, Kym Lewis, Mike Valluzzo, Sophia Zalios and Ashley Swinsburg.

Here are the 2017 winners:

Andy Brotherton, General Adjuster
Individual Contributor Award Recipient

Tony Juliano, Performance Improvement Manager, Claims
Manager Award Recipient

New England Regional Team (pictured above)
Team Award Recipients


Each month during our company-wide town hall, we recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond to provide exceptional service to the membership. Last year, we expanded this recognition program with the launch of our Employee Excellence Awards. These annual awards were created to recognize individual contributors, managers and teams making extraordinary contributions to the organization and our membership while upholding the PURE Principles.

Employee Engagement - Caitlin Quote.png


There is an impending talent gap in the insurance industry. Companies are either struggling to recruit young talent or overlooking this demographic in their recruiting efforts, despite the growing pool of qualified candidates. 

PURE’s philosophy has always been to play the long game. We take this approach with nearly everything we do, including recruiting. We hire experienced talent throughout the year, but we also focus a large portion of our recruiting efforts on identifying and attracting the next generation of insurance industry executives. 

PURE’s annual summer training program, launched in 2010, is integral to this approach. Over the past eight years, we have hired nearly 200 recent graduates from top-tier schools throughout the country. We introduce them to PURE and the insurance industry and provide comprehensive training for their permanent roles on PURE’s Member Advocate, Underwriting or Product Development teams.

These efforts are already making a difference. While the median age of workers in the insurance industry is 45, at PURE it is 33. Today, 62 percent of our staff are millennials, and 86 percent of millennials hired since 2014 are still with the company. Many of these professionals have since advanced in their careers, assuming a variety of more senior positions and making significant contributions toward PURE’s success. In fact, 100 percent of our inaugural training class is still with us today, each employee serving in a meaningful role. 



We are deeply committed to hiring, developing and rewarding exceptionally talented people. We will create and maintain an environment that allows our team to flourish and to be recognized. We appreciate all that our team members do for PURE and seek to provide them with a career that is part of a fulfilling life. In exchange, we ask all employees to uphold these principles: 


Practice Membercentricity.

Seize every opportunity to create an exceptional member experience and reinforce an alignment of interests with the membership.


Use Empathy, Creativity And Urgency to Be Exceptional.

Favor action over unnecessary bureaucracy. Put yourself in their shoes, asking "How?" instead of justifying "Why Not?". Take risks that don't compromise our values or threaten the enterprise, and learn from mistakes.


Do the Right Thing.

Never compromise integrity or transparency for the sake of a shortcut. Make membership, your team members and our partners proud.


Be a Team Player. The One Who Is There When Needed the Most.

Emphasize collaboration, active listening and respectful communication. Be proactive and give constructive feedback and receive it earnestly. Work toward the common goal of making our company the best it can be.


Be Obsessed with Getting Better.

Think big. Invest in yourself to enhance your expertise and create a better you. Seek out and advocate ways to create a better company, a better industry and a better community.


Have Fun.

Bring passion to everything you do. Create joy for others around you.