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The Co-Chairs of PURE's Women's Leadership Council

Vivian Gee (left) and Lindsay Holden (right), Co-Chairs of PURE's Women's Leadership Council. 

Vivian Gee (left) and Lindsay Holden (right), Co-Chairs of PURE's Women's Leadership Council. 

To the PURE Membership,

Delivering an exceptional member experience begins by hiring the most talented people and then developing and inspiring them to do their best work. In order to do that, we must foster a safe and rewarding workplace that allows men and women to challenge the status quo and make our company a better place.

Two years ago, we launched the PURE Women’s Leadership Council with a simple goal: to ensure an equal composition of and contribution from women and men in senior management. When we started this initiative, about one in every five executives were female. Today, we are up to one in three.


This is not only the right thing to do; it is also the smart thing to do. Our employees are more engaged, and our decision-making is stronger. As an employer, we become a more attractive place to work, and as an insurer, we can deliver better service and smarter solutions. This is another example of how an alignment of interests powers our company.

To date, we have been recognized as a Best Place to Work and a Best Place to Work for Women by Fortune magazine. It’s a good start, but there is more work to be done.

The PURE Women’s Leadership Council is made up of 18 women from across the organization who meet regularly with the goal of making this a better company. Jodi Lash and Joey Cummings from the Subscribers’ Advisory Committee and several female broker partners have participated in meetings, as well. Here are a couple of the initiatives we have advanced in recent months:


At PURE, there is a culture of mentoring. Formal and informal mentoring relationships already exist throughout the company, and we’ll soon be adding a reverse-mentoring program to gain insights from the younger employees.

In late 2017, we also launched a sponsorship initiative with an emphasis on advocacy and professional development. A cross-functional group of executives are now acting as sponsors for a selection of high-potential and high-performing female employees. These pairings are designed to go beyond traditional mentoring; our sponsors offer insights and help these individuals develop the skills they need to progress in their careers, and they also advocate for their advancement.

PURE employees from left: Victoria Koch, Vanessa Perkins,   Caitlin Wilson, Audi Mincey and Joan Smith.

PURE employees from left: Victoria Koch, Vanessa Perkins, Caitlin Wilson, Audi Mincey and Joan Smith.


In early 2018, we developed a networking platform to encourage all women from PURE to strengthen their skills and create productive relationships with women across the company and the industry. This initiative is in its early stages, but we are optimistic based on the positive responses we have already received. We will host events in PURE offices across the country to inspire our employees (and eventually a broader group of participants) to experience how PURE amplifies the professional and personal success and well-being of our colleagues.

Every business today—throughout every industry—is trying to improve its culture and effectiveness. One of the advantages of serving such successful people, like those we have in the PURE membership, is learning from their experiences and wisdom. Our ability to provide each of you with the care, competency and creativity you deserve and expect is further enhanced by your feedback. We welcome any insight you are willing to share.

In the meantime, we are committed to building a great company that aims to serve you even better in the future.

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Vivian Gee | Co-Chair of the Women’s Leadership Council
SVP, Florida Regional Executive

Lindsay Holden | Co-Chair of the Women’s Leadership Council
SVP, New England Regional Executive